History - Military

1941: Texas Goes to War
Edited by James Ward Lee
The Alamo Frank Thompson
Along the Texas Forts Trail B.W. Aston and Donathan Taylor
An Artist at War: The Journal of John Gaitha Browning John Gaitha Browning
Edited by Oleta Stewart Toliver
At Belleau Wood Robert B. Asprey
In Hostile Skies: An American B-24 Pilot in World War II James M. Davis and David L. Snead
Edited by David L. Snead
Military History of the West, Vol. 45
Edited by Alex Mendoza
Military History of the West, Vol. 46
Edited by Alex Mendoza
More Than a Uniform: A Navy Woman in a Navy Man's World Winifred Quick Collins and Herbert M. Levine
Warriors and Scholars: A Modern War Reader
Edited by Peter B. Lane and Ronald E. Marcello