Title A-Z

Mister Martini Richard Carr
Monday's Meal Leslie H. Edgerton
A Month of Sundays Kent Biffle
More Than a Uniform: A Navy Woman in a Navy Man's World Winifred Quick Collins and Herbert M. Levine
MOVING & ST RAGE Kathy Fagan
Mustangs and Cow Horses
Edited by J. Frank Dobie, Mody C. Boatright, and Harry H. Ransom
Myth, Magic, and Farce: Four Multicultural Plays Sterling Houston
Edited by Sandra M. Mayo
The Next Settlement Michael Robins
Nymphs of North American Stonefly Genera (Plecoptera) Kenneth W. Stewart and Bill P. Stark
Ohio Violence Alison Stine
On the Jury Trial: Principles and Practices for Effective Advocacy Thomas M. Melsheimer and Judge Craig Smith
Ordered West: The Civil War Exploits of Charles A. Curtis
Edited by Alan D. Gaff and Donald H. Gaff
Orders of Protection Jenn Hollmeyer
Ornament Anna Lena Phillips Bell
Other Psalms Jordan Windholz
The Other Toscanini: The Life and Works of Héctor Panizza Sebastiano De Filippi and Daniel Varacalli Costas
Out of Dallas: 14 Stories
Edited by Jane Roberts Wood, Donna Gormly, and Sally Schrup
Out of Time Geoff Schmidt
Paisanos: A Folklore Miscellany
Edited by Francis Edward Abernethy
Panhandle Cowboy John R. Erickson
Partial Eclipse Tony Sanders
The Perseids Karen Holmberg
A Personal Country A. C. Greene
A Place Called Sweet Shrub Jane Roberts Wood
A Promise to Catie Judd Holt
A Protocol for Touch Constance Merritt
Quantum Convention Eric Schlich
Quest for the Best Stanley Marcus
Rafting the Brazos Walter McDonald
Rainbow in the Morning
Edited by J. Frank Dobie
Re-Entry Michael White
Return of the Gar Mark Spitzer
Risk, Courage, and Women: Contemporary Voices in Prose and Poetry
Edited by Karen A. Waldron, Janice H. Brazil, and Laura M. Labatt
The Roots of Latino Urban Agency
Edited by Sharon A. Navarro and Rodolfo Rosales
Roseborough: A Novel Jane Roberts Wood
Round the Levee
Edited by Stith Thompson
The Roy Bedichek Family Letters
Edited by Jane Gracy Bedichek