Information for Classroom Adoption

Table of Contents

Exam/Desk Copy Policy

If you are a professor wishing to consider one of our books for use in your course, please request an exam copy of a book by mail, or fax (940) 369-8760, or e-mail Ronald Chrisman. The request must be on departmental letterhead, or if sent by e-mail it must include all details of institutional affiliation. The request should state the name of the course, semester of offering, and its estimated enrollment.

  • If the book has already been adopted, then UNT Press sends a desk copy free of charge.
  • If the book is being considered for course adoption, UNT Press will send the book along with an invoice at a professional discount of 25% off the list price.
  • New! If you have a Google account, UNT Press can send an electronic review copy to your Google BookShelf for fast access and online review. Please mention your Google account name in your request for an ebook review copy.

You may consider the book for a 60-day trial period and then either:

  1. Send notice that the book has been adopted and keep the book free of charge (invoice cancelled).
  2. Keep the book for personal use and pay the 25% discount invoice.
  3. Decline to adopt the book, return it to UNT Press in salable condition, and thereby cancel the invoice.

Recommended Texts

UNT Press offers many publications highly suitable for classroom instruction. Professors are encouraged to consider the following books for text adoption.