Information for Buying Our Ebooks

UNT Press books are available as electronic “ebooks” in either .pdf or .epub format for reading on e-reader, computer, tablet, and smartphone screens. Our ebooks are for sale either directly from UNT Press, or from numerous e-vendors servicing individual readers or library collections.

  • We release all our ebooks simultaneously with the print edition.
  • List pricing of all our ebooks to individual buyers is at 80% of the lowest print edition retail price.

When browsing our titles, you will see two purchase buttons: a red button for hardcover or paperback print purchase, and a “Buy Ebooks” button at the top of the page. Clicking the Buy Ebooks button will open a window showing all vendor options for purchasing the ebook:

DRM free! You download and own the device-transferable ebook, read with Adobe Digital Editions and/or Reader.

Download Adobe Digital Editions.

Previews of our ebooks are available on our website through Google Preview (link button on each book’s web page), or through various e-vendor sites such as Amazon Search Inside and Nook See Inside.

Institutional library buyers will find our books with these e-vendors:

  • UPCC/Project Muse  
  • Ebrary  
  • EBSCO/Netlibrary 
  • EBL  
  • MyiLibrary
  • Trajectory
  • Wheelers