Southwestern Nature Writing Series

David Taylor, Series Editor

The Southwestern states’ boundaries (Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona) create a unique situation of having large areas of varying landscape as well as ethnically and culturally diverse populations on each side of the 100th meridian, geographically considered the dividing line between eastern and western United States. This nature writing series recognizes the bioregional and cultural ecotone that best defines this transitional area. Ecologically, an ecotone is the transition area between two clearly defined habitats; however, because it possesses attributes of both defined habitats it tends to be biologically rich allowing species from each habitat to come into contact and serving as home to other species which can only survive in these transitional areas. Southwestern Nature Writing will reflect this middle-ground quality by soliciting and publishing works from multiple ethnic perspectives and acknowledging the complexity of this natural heritage. 
The kind of book the series will welcome is in the narrative tradition of John Graves’ Goodbye to a River and will reflect a modern sensibility and awareness of the environmental issues facing the region as well as considering questions of environmental justice, ecological restoration, and sustainable communities. While the series will encourage a variety of perspectives, it will not include books consisting only of poetry or fiction.


Please send a query letter prior to manuscript submission to:

David Taylor
University of North Texas
Department of English 
1155 Union Circle, #311307 
Denton, TX 76203-5017