Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

American Crawl Paul Allen
Bene-Dictions Rush Rankin
The Black Beach J.T. Barbarese
Booker’s Point Megan Grumbling
Club Icarus Matt W. Miller
Death of a Ventriloquist Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
Delirium Barbara Hamby
Dream Kitchen Owen McLeod
The Goat Songs Najarian, James
In the Permanent Collection Stefanie Wortman
Losing and Finding Karen Fiser
Mister Martini Richard Carr
MOVING & ST RAGE Kathy Fagan
The Next Settlement Michael Robins
Ohio Violence Alison Stine
Ornament Anna Lena Phillips Bell
Other Psalms Jordan Windholz
Partial Eclipse Tony Sanders
The Perseids Karen Holmberg
A Protocol for Touch Constance Merritt
Re-Entry Michael White
The Self as Constellation Jeanine Hathaway
Soul Data Mark Svenvold
Stray Home Amy M. Clark
The Sublime Jonathan Holden