Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

American Crawl Paul Allen
Bene-Dictions Rush Rankin
The Black Beach J.T. Barbarese
Booker’s Point Megan Grumbling
Club Icarus Matt W. Miller
Death of a Ventriloquist Gibson Fay-LeBlanc
Delirium Barbara Hamby
Dream Kitchen Owen McLeod
Every Lash Leigh Anne Couch
The Goat Songs Najarian, James
In the Permanent Collection Stefanie Wortman
Losing and Finding Karen Fiser
Mister Martini Richard Carr
MOVING & ST RAGE Kathy Fagan
The Next Settlement Michael Robins
Ohio Violence Alison Stine
Ornament Anna Lena Phillips Bell
Other Psalms Jordan Windholz
Partial Eclipse Tony Sanders
The Perseids Karen Holmberg
A Protocol for Touch Constance Merritt
Re-Entry Michael White
The Self as Constellation Jeanine Hathaway
Soul Data Mark Svenvold
Stray Home Amy M. Clark
The Sublime Jonathan Holden