ActivAmerica Meagan Cass
Body Language Kelly Magee
Dance a Little Longer Jane Roberts Wood
The Death of Tarpons Leslie H. Edgerton
The Expense of a View Polly Buckingham
Grace: A Novel Jane Roberts Wood
Irish Girl Tim Johnston
Last Known Position James Mathews
Let's Do Rebecca Meacham
Monday's Meal Leslie H. Edgerton
Orders of Protection Jenn Hollmeyer
Out of Dallas: 14 Stories
Edited by Jane Roberts Wood, Donna Gormly, and Sally Schrup
Out of Time Geoff Schmidt
A Place Called Sweet Shrub Jane Roberts Wood
A Promise to Catie Judd Holt
Quantum Convention Eric Schlich
Roseborough: A Novel Jane Roberts Wood
The Stuntman's Daughter Alice Blanchard
They Are Ruining Ibiza A. C. Greene
The Train to Estelline Jane Roberts Wood
Venus in the Afternoon Tehila Lieberman
Wonderful Girl Aimee LaBrie
The Year of Perfect Happiness Becky Adnot-Haynes