"This book reveals significance in the lives of ordinary people who, when closely examined, are not ordinary at all." —O. Rufus Lovett, photographer, Weeping Mary




"This is a 'must own' book for any conductor or conducting student." —Samuel Adler, Professor of Composition, the Juilliard School


"Bob Alexander is at his best, relating lawman/outlaw tales in his breezy, colloquial style. It is artfully done, filled with action and adventure." —Bill O'Neal, State Historian of Texas and author of The Johnson-Sims Feud




“A warm, friendly and creative road map to gluten-free living. A must-have cookbook for any kitchen!” —David Kimmel, Food and Beverage Conceptual Designer 



"This collection is full of people who seek extraordinary cures for their ordinary ills. And their stories are as extraordinary as the cures." —Brock Clarke, author of The Happiest People in the World



"This is the best and most complete tracking of Lewis' career." —John Riley, author of The Art of Bop Drumming and holder of Lewis' chair at the Village Vanguard


"The combination of biographical facts, history, and anecdotal accounts makes this work unique. Pfautsch was a powerful choral figure, and many conductors mentored under his guidance." —Tim Sharp, Executive Director, American Choral Directors Association




New in paperback!

"A 'must read' for anyone interested in Texas history." —Texas Books in Review




"[T]his is a book no serious enthusiast for LaFaro or his music can afford to be without." —Jazzwise

"C. Parsons and D. Brice, both of whom are well respected in exploring Ranger history, have diligently and thoroughly scoured the records and other important sources to bring Reynolds to life." —Rick Miller, author of Texas Ranger John B. Jones and the Frontier Battalion

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