Metropolitan Universities: An Emerging Model in American Higher Education

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Editor: Daniel M. Johnson and David A. Bell
Contributor: Foreword by Ernest A. Lynton
Paperback Price: $18.95

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Paperback ISBN-13: 9780929398938
Paperback ISBN-10: 929398939
Physical Description: 381 pp. index
Publication Date: March 1995

A collection of articles forming a handbook of information on Metropolitan Universities, their unique mission and characteristics. It addresses the questions and concerns of faculty, students, administrators, state educational policy makers, and mayors or city managers, all of whom are involved in institutions located in or near the urban center of a metropolitan area.

"The authors identify 150 to 200 metropolitan universities enrolling more than 2 million students, . . . and make the case for considering these universities a legitimate subcategory within the larger sphere of the US’ more than 600 state colleges and regional universities."—Choice

"Metropolitan Universities need a special understanding for those of us who govern them and the legislators who fund them. This book furthers that understanding."—Ellen Temple, Vice Chairman, Board of Regents, University of Texas System

"The comprehensive research university is no longer the only acceptable model of institutional prestige in higher education."—Paige E. Mulhollan, former President, Wright State University

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