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The University of North Texas Press was founded in 1987 and published its first book in 1989. Though we are the newest university press in North Texas (following SMU Press and TCU Press), we have quickly become a leading press with the most titles in print and published (approximately 20-25 each year). We are fully accredited members of the Association of University Presses. Our books are distributed and marketed nationally and internationally through the Texas A&M University Press Consortium.

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BEHIND THE SCENES is an outstanding introduction because of its knowledge of Dallas both before and after the assassination; its portrayal of key actors, such as Bruce Alger and Will Fritz; and how it contextualizes November 22.”—Max Holland, journalist and author of The Kennedy Assassination Tapes

MUSIC FROM THE HILLTOP “This lively history of organ building, playing, and teaching at SMU pays homage to an academic program with a considerable legacy..”—Matthew Dirst, professor of music, University of Houston

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OUR STORIES “The paucity of resources on early African Americans in Dallas makes Our Stories a valuable tool for research.”—Merline Pitre, author of In Struggle against Jim Crow: Lulu B. White and the NAACP, 1900-1957