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The University of North Texas Press was founded in 1987 and published its first book in 1989. Though we are the newest university press in North Texas (following SMU Press and TCU Press), we have quickly become a leading press with the most titles in print and published (approximately 20-25 each year). We are fully accredited members of the Association of University Presses. Our books are distributed and marketed nationally and internationally through the Texas A&M University Press Consortium.

Newly Published:

KING FISHER “Parsons and Bicknell seek to demythologize the man and the controversial events that marked the short life and violent times of the ‘King’ of the South Texas outlaws.”—Michael L. Collins, author of Texas Devils: Rangers and Regulars on the Lower Rio Grande, 1846–1861

THE ART OF TRUMPET TEACHING “This book is a wonderful tribute to a musical giant in our world.” -Allan Dean, Professor Emeritus, Yale School of Music

FOR THE SAKE OF THE SONG “A nuanced and multifaceted understanding of Townes Van Zandt’s body of work.” —Jason Mellard, author of Progressive Country

BILLY THE KID “This book is going to knock the socks off everyone who thinks they know who Billy really was.” —Bob Boze Bell, author of The Illustrated Life and Times of Billy the Kid

New in paperback!

BENEATH MISSOURI SKIES “Brewer presents a very detailed yet coherent and balanced view of Metheny’s musical growth, and the KC area musicians that were part of that development.”—Terry Perkins, reviewer for Downbeat magazine

TEXAS RANGERS “This single-volume work should be on the shelf of every Texas history buff.” —Bill O’Neal, State Historian of Texas