Land of Hope and Glory: A True Account of the Life and Times of Gen. Marcus Northway, Ret., and of the Character of His Eminent Friends

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Hardcover ISBN-13: 9781574410068
Hardcover ISBN-10: 1574410067
Physical Description: 6X9. 224 pp
Publication Date: April 1996

"With a graceful economy of language, the author visits New England, Florida, Ohio and San Diego—and breathes life into interesting people in a fascinating era."Dallas Morning News

"If it's possible for a book to be gentle and vigorous at the same time, then Land of Hope and Glory is that book."—Judyth Rigler

With Land of Hope and Glory, Marshall Terry continues the Northway family saga he began with Tom Northway and My Father's Hands, covering one hundred years of American experience.

In this latest novel, General Marcus Aurelius Northway, a homeopathic physician with deep faith in the curative powers of oil and whiskey, and his indomitable wife Ida Bailey Northway, bring on stage an intriguing set of characters who are their friends—Luther Burbank, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford—as the Northways take part in American history between the Great War and the Great Depression and herald a new age.

Praise for the previous volumes: "Tom Northway is about the joys of country existence, love, family, friendship, good dogs, and a life that has been and is still being well lived."—John Graves

"Marshall Terry writes the way Grant Wood paints. His son's eye view of a father is an American classic, reminding us in a fresh and moving way of the bedrock importance of building traditional values in our own lives."—Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey, on My Father's Hands

About Author:

MARSHALL TERRY is an award-winning author of four novels and a collection of short stories, as well as a critic, historian and essayist. He is a professor of English and Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education at Southern Methodist University.