Helpful Cooking Hints for HouseHusbands of Uppity Women: A Cookbook

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Paperback ISBN-13: 9780935014136
Paperback ISBN-10: 935014136
Physical Description: LC 87-17781. 6x9. 256 pp.
Publication Date: August 2001

The cause of this book is Judy McDonald, former Mayor of Nacogdoches, Texas. When she won the seat someone else had to do the cooking at home, and who better to turn to than the HouseHusband?

This is a cookbook for all husbands enlisted to cooking duty, and it assumes no prior cooking knowledge beyond knowing how to measure and how to turn on the stove. As Archie McDonald irreverently observes, "Uppity Women" are entering the workforce and not necessarily cooking all the meals anymore, so his aim is to "help you learn to feed your kids, yourself, and even your Uppity Woman if you feel charitable."

McDonald first provides a glossary of cooking terms for the neophyte kitchen inductee (chopping, for example, is "rendering a defenseless pepper or not-so-defenseless onion into a lot of little slivers or chunks"). He then discusses how to equip the kitchen with proper cooking implements and ingredients (a meat mallet is used to "beat the tar out of round steak"). This is followed by more than one hundred easy-to-follow recipes for beef, chicken, pork, and seafood main courses; vegetables; salads; breads; and desserts.

No one new to the kitchen should be without this primer, whether a HouseHusband or an Uppity Woman, or something in between. It makes the perfect gift for newlyweds!

"There are lots of one-dish, church-supper-style casseroles, chilis and stews, gathered from sympathetic friends and colleagues who didn’t want to see the McDonalds starve."San Antonio Express-News

"How comforting it will be for women all over the countryside to discover with this new book that it’s never too late for a lazy man to change his ways . . . Lest you get the idea that this is all silliness, I should add that there are about 150 recipes in the cookbook, and they are pretty darned good, from Greek Chicken to Squash Croquettes to Spinach Salad, which McDonald mentions is a favorite of Uppity Women."Abilene Reporter-News

About Author:

ARCHIE P. MCDONALD is Professor of History at Stephen F. Austin State University and also Executive Director and Editor for the East Texas Historical Association.