Voices from Within

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Editor: Nancy Jones
Paperback Price: $9.95

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Paperback ISBN-13: 9780929398372
Paperback ISBN-10: 929398378
Physical Description: 6 x 9. 120 pp
Publication Date: April 1992

Editor Nancy Jones writes that the poets represented "all speak of our common humanity, of what it is to be alive in the world today. Through their poetry, these writers express the trials, the laughter, the irony, the concrete images of each passing day in a world that doesn't always take the time to see the meaning of life."

In all, thirty-three distinct voices in this anthology speak on many different topics, including romantic and family relationships, political and social concerns, travel or experiences with people of other cultures, responses to literature or drama, images or portraits of memorable characters, dealing with pain or grief, all revealing slices of life. Philosophy, nature, a time past, personal reminiscences lie within these pages, to be read and reread, savored, and treasured.

About Author:

NANCY JONES teaches composition, literature, and creative writing at North Lake College. Her poetry has appeared in literary journals such as Swallowing the Poison, Separate Doors, Texas College English and CCTE Studies; and in poetry collections, Images from the High Plains, A Literature of Sports, and Visions and Voices.

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