Nymphs of North American Stonefly Genera (Plecoptera)

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Contributor: Illustrations by Jean A. Stanger
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Paperback ISBN-13: 9789293985560
Paperback ISBN-10: 929398556
Physical Description: 7 x 10. 464 pp. 244 illus. Bib. Index.
Publication Date: August 1993

"The work by Stewart and Stark is a true milestone, a long awaited source of extremely well presented and reliable information on the stoneflies of an entire subcontinent. The book is a must for everybody working on the order, and indeed for everybody interested in stream environments in North America!"—Peter Zwick, Aquatic Insects: International Journal of Freshwater Entomology

An essential resource for fly fishermen as well as scientists. A reprint of the Entomological Society of America edition, this necessary baseline reference work for serious study of North American Plecoptera and for stream ecological studies, is the definitive sequel to P. W. Claassen's 1931 book and the result of a decade of comparative study by the authors.

Contains introductory chapters on classification, phylogeny, biogeography, ecology of nymphs, and behavior of Plecoptera; review of all major systematic and ecological literature; 244 illustrations including 99 full page nymphal habitus and 99 sets of characters for the type or other representative species of all current genera; new family and generic keys; referencing of all previous nymph descriptions and illustrations; complete species list and distribution for North America.

About Author:

KENNETH W. STEWART is Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of North Texas and Visiting Professor of Zoology at the University of Oklahoma Biological Station.

BILL P. STARK is Professor of Biology at Mississippi College in Clinton.