Texan Identities: Moving beyond Myth, Memory, and Fallacy in Texas History

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Editor: Light Townsend Cummins and Mary L. Scheer
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Hardcover ISBN-13: 9781574416480
Physical Description: 6x9. 320 pp. 15 b&w photos. Notes. Bib. Index.
Publication Date: September 2016

Texan Identities rests on the assumption that Texas has distinctive identities that define “what it means to be Texan,” and that these identities flow from myth and memory. What constitutes a Texas identity and how may such change over time? What myths, memories, and fallacies contribute to making a Texas identity? Are all the myths and memories that define Texas identity true or are some of them fallacious? Is there more than one Texas identity?

The discussion begins with the idealized narrative and icons revolving around the Texas Revolution, most especially the Alamo. The Texas Rangers in myth and memory are also explored. Other essays expand on traditional and increasingly outdated interpretations of the Anglo-American myth of Texas by considering little known roles played by women, racial minorities, and specific stereotypes such as the cattleman.

“This work adds greatly to the literature on Texas identities and the variety of the Texas experience.” —Walter L. Buenger, co-editor of Beyond Texas through Time


About Author:

LIGHT TOWNSEND CUMMINS is the Guy M. Bryan, Jr. Professor of History at Austin College and the author of Emily Austin of Texas, Spanish Observers and the American Revolution, and co-editor of Discovering Texas History.

MARY L. SCHEER is Professor and Chair of History at Lamar University and author of The Foundations of Texan Philanthropy, co-editor of Twentieth-Century Texas, and editor of Women and the Texas Revolution.

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