Author: David C. Lewis

Works Published by UNT Press

The San Saba Treasure: Legends of Silver Creek

— Vol. 26: of Texas Folklore Society Extra Book

Published: December, 2018  Pages: 240  Features: 20 b&w illus. Index.

In 1868, four treasure hunters from San Marcos, Texas, searched for a lost mine on the San Saba River, near today’s Menard. It was popularized as folklore in J. Frank Dobie’s treasure legend classic Coronado’s Children. One hundred and fifty years later, a descendant of one of those four men set out to discover the history behind the legend. This book recounts that search, from the founding of the ill-fated 1757 mission on the San Saba River up to the last attempt, in 1990, to find the treasure in this particular legend. It describes Jim Bowie, a fake treasure map industry, murder trials, a rattlesnake dancer, fortunes lost, a very long Texas cave, and surprising twists to the story popularized by Dobie. more... about The San Saba Treasure: Legends of Silver Creek