Author: Geoff Schmidt

Works Published by UNT Press

Out of Time

— Vol. 10: of Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction

Published: November, 2011  Pages: 128 

A sweet slipstream stew, a call and response to Hemingway’s In Our Time, Geoff Schmidt’s debut collection Out of Time is a meditation on meaning and mortality, and the ways that story and the imagined life can sustain us. In these stories, vengeful infants destroy and rebuild the world, rivalrous siblings and their mother encounter witches and ghosts and the possessed, Barack Obama and Keith Richards smoke their last cigarettes, men and women with cancer variously don gorilla suits or experience all time simultaneously. Time is running out for all of the people in these stories, yet the power of language, the human ability to tell, to imagine and invent, is a redemptive force. more... about Out of Time

  • Winner of the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in Short Fiction