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As with nearly all university presses, the University of North Texas Press receives a measure of financial support from its home institution—in our case, through Academic Affairs via the UNT Libraries. With our core mission being to publish and disseminate scholarship, we naturally reach a smaller reading audience, one more focused than that reached by a commercial publisher. We sell limited print runs of quality academic and trade books in a nonprofit enterprise, with a typical scholarly monograph being published at a loss because of its limited market—but at a gain to the scholarly community who values publication of scholarship and resources for students.

To offset publishing academic work at a loss, we also publish quality trade books of more general appeal and with wider sales. Still, without university support and additional outside funding through grants and donations, the UNT Press would not continue to thrive.

Frances B. Vick, founding director of the UNT Press, was instrumental in securing a solid financial foundation for the Press and continues to support our publication program. A recent generous gift has allowed us to support specific projects in need of financial assistance on the road to publication.

By her example we seek additional funding to underwrite a series of books, a subject area of publications, or a specific title of interest to the donor. For example, a series of books may be named in honor of a donor (i.e., the Frances B. Vick Series) for books in Texas history, or in another subject area of interest. All such books published within the funded series bear the name of the donor in the series title. Outside of a series we may also wish to publish a specific book in need of grant assistance, and in this case a donor may choose to help subsidize that particular title with an acknowledgment of support inside the book and complimentary copies of the publication (i.e., our Meyerson Symphony Center).


If you wish to become a Friend of the Press to support general Press operations, or if you are interested in supporting a series of books or a specific title, please contact:

Ronald Chrisman
UNT Press
1155 Union Circle #311336
Denton, TX 76203-5017

UNT Press is currently accepting online donations.