Author: Betty Casey

Works Published by UNT Press

The Complete Book of Square Dancing (and Round Dancing)

Published: April, 2000 

“Square dancing is friendship set to music,” says author Betty Casey. Just take four couples, old or young, put ‘em on a good floor, turn on the music, and you’re all set. Whether you’ve done it before or you’re just starting out, this book tells you everything you need to know—85 basic movements used all over the world, the spirited calls unique to square dancing, the costumes and equipment that are best, and music (from “Red River Valley” to “Mack the Knife”) that will set your feet in motion. Down-to-earth details and anecdotes give a taste of the good times in store for you. Find out how native folk dances grew out of European quadrilles, jigs, and fandangos. Open this book and get ready to more... about The Complete Book of Square Dancing (and Round Dancing)

International Folk Dancing U.S.A.

Published: January, 1900 

This is an extensive work on international folk dancing as practiced in the United States. It is a must for folk dance enthusiasts—novice to expert. Never before has such a wide variety of entries on this popular, multi-faceted social phenomenon been brought together. It tells how to do the hopak, czardas and the bamboo pole dance; plan an international folk dance program; do the little finger hold and the hambo swing. International Folk Dancing U.S.A. presents historical vignettes on pioneer folk dance leaders; instructions for 180 dances from 30 countries; contributions from 60 folk dance authorities; easy-to-follow dance step descriptions; a Glossary of folk dance terms; many helpful illustrations. more... about International Folk Dancing U.S.A.