Author: Phil Winsor

Works Published by UNT Press

Computer Music in C

Published: November, 2001 

If you are a C programmer interested in music or a composer hoping to expand your musical horizons, Computer Music in C provides you with a practical library of algorithms and related C programming functions that will ease your transition into computer-assisted composition. Phil Winsor and Gene DeLisa demonstrate the enormous creative and time-saving potential of computer composition with a collection of plug-in-and-play routines for setting melody, harmony, rhythm, and other musical parameters. more... about Computer Music in C

Computer Composer's Toolbox

Published: February, 2000 

Enter the world of computer-aided composition. It is easy with Phil Winsor’s Computer Composer’s Toolbox. Discover the enormous creative and time-saving potential of computerized music composition. Whether you are a musician hoping to see what the computer can do for you or a computer hobbyist interested in learning about music, Computer Composer’s Toolbox has something to offer. More than 100 ready-to-use subroutines are included to illuminate key concepts throughout the book. more... about Computer Composer's Toolbox

Automated Music Composition

Published: June, 1992  Pages: 312  Features: Index.

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