Bookcover: Computer Music in C

Computer Music in C

Phil Winsor, Gene DeLisa — authors. 
Subject: Music

November, 2001






About Winsor and DeLisa's Computer Music in C

If you are a C programmer interested in music or a composer hoping to expand your musical horizons, Computer Music in C provides you with a practical library of algorithms and related C programming functions that will ease your transition into computer-assisted composition. Phil Winsor and Gene DeLisa demonstrate the enormous creative and time-saving potential of computer composition with a collection of plug-in-and-play routines for setting melody, harmony, rhythm, and other musical parameters.

Complete source code and function-call examples are included to help you meet almost all of your compositional needs. Using these functions and utility programs, you will be able to:

  • Initialize a pitch data table for conversion of integers to pitch classes, and then display it
  • Convert input text to its equivalent musical pitch
  • Transform a pitch sequence with reverse-order, mirror inversion, and pitch-level transposition
  • Build chords around a central pitch according to input intervals
  • Compute simultaneous, ransom-order rhythm duration sequences
  • Retrieve multiple, random-order melodic lines from a common pitch bank
  • Generate and display all combinations in a 12-tone pitch row
  • Compute the number of unique arrangements for a given number of musical elements

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About the Authors

An accomplished musician and Professor of Composition at the University of North Texas, PHIL WINSOR is Director of the Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia and a Director of the Center for Interdisciplinary Research in the Arts and Sciences, and the author of three other books on computer-assisted music composition.

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