Booker’s Point

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Paperback ISBN-13: 9781574416343
Physical Description: 6 x 9. 84 pp.
Publication Date: April 2016
Series: Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry | Volume: 23
  • Winner of the Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry 2015
  • Book Award for Poetry, Maine Literary Awards, 2017

Bernard A. Booker, wry old Maine codger and unofficial mayor of Ell Pond, is the subject of Booker’s Point, an oral history-inspired portrait-in-verse. Weaving storytelling, natural history, and the poetry of place, the collection evokes the sensibility of rural New England and the pleasures of a good story.

From “Some Kind of Hunter”

He coaxed a pregnant woman right across
the river, and it weren’t no easy bridge.
A cousin of an in-law, broke as dirt,
she come up visiting from Vermont too poor
to buy a license. Booker paid it, set
a rifle in her hands, and took her up
to Perkinstown, the brook side, where they come
upon this bridge, just beams and cables, rough.
Full six months big, a borrowed gun; to her,
that span, it looked like one hell of a stunt

“Grumbling is subtle, conjures the natural world richly and convincingly, and her subject matter is surprising and intriguing. I also admire how she handles meter.”—Morri Creech, judge and author of Sleep of Reason

About Author:

Raised in Maine, MEGAN GRUMBLING lives in Portland. Her honors include the Ruth Lilly Fellowship, the Robert Frost Foundation Award, and the Hawthornden Fellowship. She teaches at Southern Maine Community College and the University of New England.