Bookcover: Dream Kitchen

Dream Kitchen

vol. 26: Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

Owen McLeod — author. 
  • Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry
Subject: Poetry

April, 2019








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About McLeod's Dream Kitchen

Owen McLeod’s extraordinary debut maps the contours of an ordinary life: the rise and fall of romantic love, the struggle against mental illness, and the unending quest for meaning and transcendence. Ranging from sonnets and sestinas to experimental forms, these poems are unified by their musicality, devotion to craft, and openness of heart.

From “All Saints’ Eve”

From a La-Z-Boy abandoned
on the basketball court, I watched
you light up the KFC, part traffic
for the rush-hour ambulance, raise
weeds from asphalt cracks, cause rain
to come down like Adidas on me,
mofo of infinite faith. Trees
were your fingers, not prints or clues.
Never were you uppercase with me.

About the Author

OWEN McLEOD is a studio potter and a professor of philosophy at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, where he lives. He has held visiting positions at Yale and Mt. Holyoke. His poems have been published in such journals as Field, Massachusetts Review, New England Review, Ploughshares, and The Southern Review.

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