Bookcover: Straight Texas

Straight Texas

vol. 13: Publications of the Texas Folklore Society

J. Frank Dobie — editor.
Contributors: Contributors include J. Frank Dobie, A. W. Eddins, C. L. Sonnichsen, Martha Emmons, Mae Featherstone, Frances Densmore

January, 1984






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About Dobie's Straight Texas

Straight Texas is now available as a free e-book at the UNT Digital Library and The Portal to Texas History.

The topics include Texas place names, Roy Bean, anecdotes from Brazos River bottoms, Mexican ghosts from El Paso, comedy in folk superstitions, witching for water with the Bible, pioneer folk ways, old sayings from Texas, Irish fairies in Texas, Alabama Indian music, tales from the Alabamas, among many other stories and folk characters.

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