Bookcover: Storm Swimmer

Storm Swimmer

vol. Number Thirty: Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry

Ernest Hilbert — author. 
  • Winner, Vassar Miller Prize in Poetry
Subject: Poetry

April, 2023






Paperback, E-Book


About Hilbert's Storm Swimmer

In poems that celebrate survival and renewal, Ernest Hilbert summons the ageless conflict between human affection and the passing of time, recognizing that all we love must eventually disappear. Tender poems of fatherhood weigh against unsettling explorations of natural dangers and intimations of bodily harm. From porn sets to seedy gun ranges and heavy metal tribute nights in crumbling theaters, Hilbert’s eye roves over the desolation and beauty of contemporary America, all the while feeling the irresistible pull of water—what Melville called “the ungraspable phantom of life.”

About the Author

ERNEST HILBERT’s books include Sixty Sonnets, All of You on the Good Earth, Caligulan—selected as winner of the 2017 Poets’ Prize—and Last One Out. He lives in Philadelphia, where he works as a rare book dealer.

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