Texas Poets Series

Vol. 6: The Journals of Scheherazade

Published: March, 1996  Pages: 96 

“Whereas poets such as Anne Sexton and Sharon Olds heartily achieve their numerous effects by shocking the reader with language formerly unacceptable within women’s discourse, Sheryl St. Germain attacks these same subject areas via a clean elegance of language and close attention to rhythm. These are not so much ‘confessional’ poems, as women are accused of writing, but works which reach the universal heart of humankind and are… worthy of a Ferlinghetti mindset in terms of social impact.” —Penelope Reedy, editor and publisher of The Redneck Review of Literature more... about The Journals of Scheherazade

Vol. 5: How Heavy the Breath of God

Published: January, 1994  Pages: 96 

Looking for Grace in Ecuador I am looking for the archangels of my childhood, their pink fleshy wings like candy, the nimbuses of saints, gold as pollen, the holy mothers of children, the carpenter fathers, I am looking into the soupy eyes of dirty children, god strapped to their backs, I am looking for the grace to wash sight away. more... about How Heavy the Breath of God

Vol. 4: Where Skies Are Not Cloudy

Published: October, 1993  Pages: 65 

Comments about this work and some of Walt’s earlier poems: more... about Where Skies Are Not Cloudy

Vol. 3: Simple Versions of Disaster

Published: June, 1991  Pages: 144 

“…hits the eye and ear with a fresh view of life that even a poetry-hater can love… this delightful collection of poetic observations is more in the line of commentary than metaphoric musing, and the result is a remarkable wisdom that emerges from experiencing the disasters of everyday life.” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram more... about Simple Versions of Disaster

Vol. 2: Texas Poets in Concert: A Quartet

Published: January, 1900  Pages: 128 

“Here we are given an ample sampling of the talents and varied styles of four of the better known poets who have come to live and write in Texas. I enthusiastically recommend this book to anyone interested in contemporary poetry and the literature of Texas.” —Texas Books in Review more... about Texas Poets in Concert: A Quartet

Vol. 1: Rafting the Brazos

Published: November, 1988  Pages: 112 

Learning the Story of Scars After the axe-head buried itself in his ankle, my father clung to the log he was splitting, squeezing his eyes like fists. Twelve, he logged those woods for years with his father—Arkansas, the great depression, doing whatever they could. more... about Rafting the Brazos

  • National Cowboy Hall of Fame Western Heritage Award for Poetry, 1989