Author: Robert Flynn

Works Published by UNT Press

Slouching toward Zion and More Lies

Published: October, 2004  Pages: 224 

Robert Flynn has gathered twenty-three stories that have hope, faith, and love as their common denominator. They are funny, political, and more than a bit prophetic as well as being superbly crafted. more... about Slouching toward Zion and More Lies

Growing Up a Sullen Baptist and Other Lies

Published: September, 2001  Pages: 168 

Robert Flynn has gathered an eclectic array of seventeen essays, all of which will evoke a direct and immediate response. Ranging from humorous to satirical, from persuasive to sarcastic, Flynn moves from preaching to the choir to preaching at the choir. Trained as both a Baptist and a Marine, he explores the concepts gleaned from a world that this training did not equip him to control, improve, or escape. Flynn admits he has tried to meld the pretty presumption of the Baptists that “all men are brothers” with the hard presumption of the Marines that “you will attack until I say you are dead.” He calls the result an unholy view of the world in which he lives and survives, alternating between humor and anger. more... about Growing Up a Sullen Baptist and Other Lies

When I Was Just Your Age

Published: October, 1992  Pages: 160  Features: 100 b&w photos. 30 illus.

Historians tell us that history is gathered from documents, artifacts and memory. Of these three elements, memory is the one that serves best when the subject is childhood. When I Was Just Your Age gathers the memories of thirteen oldtimers of various racial backgrounds and occupations, to chronicle what it was like to grow up in a profoundly different era. more... about When I Was Just Your Age