Author: Stanley Marcus

Works Published by UNT Press

Quest for the Best

Published: August, 2001  Pages: 256  Features: 19 photos. 14 drawings. Index.

Who better to know what is “the best” than the man who made Neiman Marcus synonymous with excellence for more than fifty years? The sequel to Minding the Store, Quest for the Best outlines Marcus’ philosophy of what constitutes the best in goods and services and how to receive it. Marcus describes how increased labor costs and the disappearance of family-owned businesses into the pockets of corporate giants have led to an institutionalized indifference to quality. “I have observed,” he writes, “that when you talk with an independent fine-quality maker, he speaks with pride about his product; when you talk with the chairman of a large corporation, he refers with pride to its net profit and balance sheet.” more... about Quest for the Best

Stanley Marcus from A to Z: Viewpoints Volume II

Published: March, 2000  Pages: 261  Features: Index for Volume I & II.

More gems of wisdom and wit from Stanley Marcus, acknowledged harbinger of taste whose very name is a symbol of quality. Marcus lets his mind roam through subjects as diverse as dieting, gardening, nonconformists, phobias, sports, toys and weather. more... about Stanley Marcus from A to Z: Viewpoints Volume II

Minding the Store

Published: January, 1998  Pages: 383  Features: Index.

“‘There is never a good sale for Neiman Marcus unless it’s a good buy for the customer.’ That was one of the first declarations of business philosophy I heard my father, Herbert Marcus, make soon after I came to work at Neiman Marcus in 1926.” Thus began the 1974 edition of Minding the Store. Reprinted in hardcover in 1997 to celebrate the 90th anniversary of Neiman Marcus, it is now available for the first time in paperback. more... about Minding the Store

The Viewpoints of Stanley Marcus: A Ten-Year Perspective

Published: April, 1995  Pages: 400  Features: Index.

“My definition for quality in a product is something that performs what it was designed to do regularly and consistently, and with a pleasing aesthetic form. The article might be costly, such as a Barguzin sable coat, or inexpensive, like a Bic cigarette lighter.” —Stanley Marcus more... about The Viewpoints of Stanley Marcus: A Ten-Year Perspective