Author: A. C. Greene

Works Published by UNT Press

The Santa Claus Bank Robbery

— Vol. 1: of A. C. Greene Series

Published: September, 1999  Pages: 272  Features: 5 b&w photos.

A chronicle at once grim and hilarious… a choice bit for collectors of Americana.” —Book-of-the-Month-Club News more... about The Santa Claus Bank Robbery

A Personal Country

Published: August, 1998  Pages: 360  Features: 26 drawings. Index.

Coming up on the thirtieth anniversary of its first publication, this book brings alive what one man feels about his childhood home. The place is West Texas, seen across a long vista in which today’s events and people merge with the author’s boyhood and young manhood. It is a harsh, remote country, where the weather is always very close and the horizon far away. The Brazos country of long-ago Fourth of July fishing expeditions; the grass-grown remains of a way station of the Butterfield Stage Line; the streets of Abilene; the sparse grazing lands under infinite skies—all are made resonant by a native son’s affection and understanding. It is a way of life—resilient and persnickety—that is almost gone. Above all, it is people: the author’s grandmother, who had a mortal fear of bridges and whose premonitions of unnamed calamities (that as often as not happened), both alarmed and pleased the young boy; Uncle Aubrey, “who married late”; the blacksmith they awakened in the dead of night to repair the family Maxwell; the familiar neighbors; the rare and deliciously mysterious strangers. more... about A Personal Country

They Are Ruining Ibiza

Published: March, 1998  Pages: 150 

“They Are Ruining Ibiza is superb, stunning. The conflict is interesting, and the characters come alive and off the page. There is a Hemingwayesque quality about it; it’s haunting and marvelously in tune with the present time. It may well be the best thing written by A. C. Greene.” —Clay Reynolds more... about They Are Ruining Ibiza

The 50+ Best Books on Texas

Published: March, 1998  Pages: 92 

Undaunted by the furor caused by his first listing, A. C. Greene offers a new selective survey for anyone who wants to know more about Texas and Texas books. Each of the selections in The 50+ Best Books on Texas have been completely rewritten, or added to, or updated in this 1998 offering. more... about The 50+ Best Books on Texas

Christmas Memories

Published: September, 1996  Pages: 64  Features: illus.

“In the town where I was born and raised, everyone drove a few miles south to cut a tree… In that dry, windy country few of the cedars grew straight and full, so the major problem was to find the one least lopsided and wind-whipped.” Thus A. C. Greene, in ‘The Too-Big Christmas Tree,’ tells of a Christmas in the 1920s when his father cut a too-big tree and almost broke up the family. Long out-of-print and a collector’s item, this story is now coupled with ‘Christmas Shopping,’ in which a small boy sets out with his grandmother on his first shopping trip to buy Christmas presents for the family. “My grandmother and I boarded the little four-wheel trolley on the Fair Park loop—the men who were waiting all tipping their hats and letting the women and children on first. Pretty soon we were bumping and swaying up Sayles Hill on our way to downtown.” more... about Christmas Memories

900 Miles on the Butterfield Trail

Published: May, 1994  Pages: 304  Features: 2 maps. Notes. Bib. Index.

“A. C… gives us a fine mix of past and present to appeal to scholar and lay reader alike.” —Robert M. Utley more... about 900 Miles on the Butterfield Trail

  • The Texas Historical Commission T. R. Fehrenbach Award, 1994
  • Western Writers Spur Awards, Honorable Mention, 1994