Author: Jane Roberts Wood

Works Published by UNT Press

Out the Summerhill Road: A Novel

— Vol. 5: of Evelyn Oppenheimer Series

Published: October, 2010  Pages: 260 

From Jane Roberts Wood comes a quietly riveting novel revealing the banal faces of evil in a small East Texas town. In 1946 a young couple is brutally murdered in Cold Springs. And, now, thirty-four years later, the rumor is that Jackson Morris, who had been the only person of interest in the murders, has come home. Or has he? more... about Out the Summerhill Road: A Novel

Roseborough: A Novel

— Vol. 4: of Evelyn Oppenheimer Series

Published: October, 2009  Pages: 304 

In Roseborough, Jane Roberts Wood returns with a keenly observed tale of bighearted people in small-town Texas. Three weeks after Mary Lou’s Gypsy husband dies, her fourteen-year-old daughter, Echo, runs away. Numbed by grief and grounded only by her job at the Dairy Queen, she impulsively signs up for Anne Hamilton’s single-parenting class at the nearby community college. Anne, complex and passionate, has avoided the risks that come with commitment. Knowing nothing of the stages of grief or the process of recovery, Mary Lou begins a sometimes comic, yet poignant, journey to find Echo. Compelled by Mary Lou’s story and her strange daughter, Anne begins her own journey that can ultimately set her free. more... about Roseborough: A Novel

Grace: A Novel

— Vol. 3: of Evelyn Oppenheimer Series

Published: October, 2009  Pages: 256 

In the east Texas town of Cold Springs in 1944, the community waits for the war to end. In this place where certain boundaries are not crossed and in a time when people reveal little about themselves, their problems, and their passions, Jane Roberts Wood exposes the heart of each of four families during the last year of World War II. Bound together by neighborhood and Southern customs, yet separated by class, money, and family, they are an unforgettable lot, vibrantly brought to life in this “delightfully perceptive and unabashedly romantic” novel (Sanford Herald). As the war grinds to an end, it becomes the catalyst that drives the inhabitants of Cold Springs across the boundaries that had once divided them, taking them to places both chaotic and astonishing. more... about Grace: A Novel

The Train to Estelline

Published: January, 2000  Pages: 209 

Together for the first time as a classic Texas trilogy: more... about The Train to Estelline

A Place Called Sweet Shrub

Published: January, 2000  Pages: 289 

Together for the first time as a classic Texas trilogy: more... about A Place Called Sweet Shrub

Dance a Little Longer

Published: January, 2000  Pages: 216 

The Lucinda “Lucy” Richards trilogy, spanning the years from 1911 to the 1930s, has everything good books should have: a variety of landscapes, characters of all ages and social classes, an overall tenderness that never lapses into sentimentality, and a sense of the comic amidst the tragic. Lucy is feisty, funny, and completely open-armed about life. Josh passionately confronts danger and greed and prejudice with courage and humor and, sometimes, with bare fists. Even the minor characters are so rife with color that you first turn the pages quickly to see what they will do next and, then, you turn them slowly so as to savor each page of this remarkable trilogy. more... about Dance a Little Longer

Out of Dallas: 14 Stories

Published: January, 1989  Pages: 152 

“At their best, short stories are works of art, of the imagination, that ‘gather up the day and hold it,’ just long enough for us to share the experience, the imagined moment, with the story teller. And that is exactly what the 14 stories in Out of Dallas accomplish.” —Texas Books in Review more... about Out of Dallas: 14 Stories